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Unreal Developer

Immerion Interactive  is dedicated to leveraging Extended Reality and cloud rendering technologies in fields such as Simulation, Automotive, Training and Architectual Visualization. Our mission is the creation of virtual worlds that can pave the way for future real experiences. When it comes to computer engineering, this means creating and implementing the logic upon which these virtual worlds exist through innovative solutions and a deep understanding of the Unreal Game engine.

Job Title:  Unreal Developer

Position Description
The Unreal Programmer designs and implements the code that brings our products to life translating the project vision into a fully functional application. This includes a complete understanding of the Blueprints visual scripting language as well as expertise in C++ and provable knowledge of applied extended reality, world building, advanced physics for simulation, content streaming and performance optimization.

Essential Job Functions include the following duties:

  • Design, develop and execute gameplay systems/logic from the ground up.

  • Debug and optimize existing systems and scenes using the unreal engine toolset.

  • Manage pipeline constraints and optimization within Unreal Engine aiming for maximum quality and performance.

  • Manage and be responsible for the use of the chosen source control solution (git/perforce) within the project and amongst all team members.

  • Collaborate with project managers to refine the design to meet clients needs while also ensuring that the product meets company standards.

  • Collaborate as needed with peers and team members.

  • Understanding of and adherence to Unreal Engine file naming conventions to ensure project overall structure.


Immerion philosophy:

  • Mindset for innovation and Agile frameworks fitness. Ability to work within scenarios of uncertainty.

  • Squad mentality. Instead of "I, Me or My", we advocate for "We, Together and Us"

  • Willingness to learn and adopt new skills related to your area of expertise.



  • CV with projects portfolio.

  • Strong 2D/3D Maths and/or physics skills.

  • Expertise with data structures and algorithms.

  • Expertise with object oriented programming techniques and robust engineering practices.

  • Proficiency in Unreal Engine 4, C/C++ and Blueprints.

  • High level of organization and attention to detail.

  • Experience working with agile methodologies.

  • Effective problem-solving skills and ability to share skills and knowledge with others.

  • Experience managing Git, Perforce or similar source control software.

  • Experience developing solutions for use in Extended Reality (AR/VR) is a big plus.

Work Location:
Remote work.


Application email:

Company's website:

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