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Available job offers


The Architectural Designer creates, refines and streamlines 3D virtual spaces in Unreal Engine from 2D floor plans or CAD files. This includes interior and exterior spaces and layouts.

Interior Designer

The Interior Designer populates, designs and creates variations of virtual spaces in 3D using Unreal Engine.This includes interior and exterior spaces and layouts a well as coordinating with 3D artists to help produce new assets for the purpose of virtual interior design.

3D Artist

The 3D artist produces 3D models of any possible object or space based on reference material. Additionally they are expected to artistically apply materials, lighting,  post process, camara setup, render configuration and image composition at high resolutions for new or existing models and assets.

UI Artist

The UI artist produces user interfaces that allow the virtual interaction and configuration of 3D elements and spaces. This includes specific modular components as well as over-all menus and UI Flow.

Game Programmer

The Unreal Programmer designs and implements the code that brings our products to life translating the project vision into a fully functional application. This includes a complete understanding of the Blueprints visual scripting language as well as expertise in C++ and provable knowledge of applied extended reality, world building, advanced physics for simulation, content streaming and performance optimization.

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