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Hyundai Showroom

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Developed as a proof of concept, our Hyundai showroom showcases features that are designed to streamline the car buyer's customer journey and increase client conversion. To provide a better understanding of how this solution can help your business, we will go over several of the key elements that make this project different.

The first thing to point out is that this is not your traditional sales tool, it is not a website gallery with nothing but pictures and descriptions. It is a virtual environment capable of housing as many vehicles as necessary. Not only that, it is a virtual space which can be explored by the potential customer in an immersive, interactive experience which simulates real world presence. This addresses the two main issues that standard showrooms face, the first being, the issue of space and the second, the issue of location and brand positioning.

In the real world, space can prove an expensive commodity. When it comes to a car retailer or dealership, accommodating for space requires maintenance, sales staff and having to choose which vehicles to have on display and which can only be shown via catalogue. Our virtual showroom faces none of these limitations. With literally endless square meters available, we can accommodate as many vehicles as your solution requires.

But even with endless space, traditional dealerships still face the issue that they cannot be anywhere nor everywhere. This is due to the fact that physical presence is limited to where you are and who can reach you. Furthermore, physical space, is shared and brands have to fiercely compete over it in order to attract customers and potential clients. But how can you compete when locations are limited or even worse, already taken? One key benefit of virtual space is that it can be easily deployed and for a fraction of the price of a physical showroom. This gives dealerships the ability to take their brand almost anywhere, carrying their entire vehicle collection in just one VR headset.

Of course, having virtual space and being able to deploy it with ease, begs the question of what will be contained within that space. A dealership´s business is more than just selling cars, it is selling the right car, to the right customer. This means, customization. Our showroom allows not only a multitude of vehicles, but also the option to configure multiple choices from car paint to rims, interiors, sunroof, mirrors, etc. This allows the customer to tailor the vehicle of their choice to fit their personal tastes, needs and budget. By offering such an experience, clients become engaged with the car. This disrupts their journey by reducing frictions and alleviating pain points that are usually located within the brick and mortar showroom. By providing the client with the information and state of the art visual elements, we incentivize the customer's purchase decision based on a product they feel they have already interacted with. This is the end goal, to generate the instances which will lead the client to choose to purchase their vehicle with you.

But choosing to purchase a vehicle is only the start of the sales process. Customers want to know what this decision will cost and what additional factors need to be considered. Insurance and payment options must also be taken into account. Thanks to the digital nature of our showroom, we offer potential buyers the option of simulating all these alternatives within the virtual experience, information which can then be sent to their email address while at all times giving them privacy to make these simulations.

It is important to remember that today´s customers are different from those of past generations. Today, clients have access to a plurality of sources of information that makes them knowledgeable of the product they are willing to purchase before they even step foot inside a showroom. But how can you design a solution that recognizes these new traits and offers an experience that empowers customers with the confidence that this purchase, is the right purchase?

In our experience, the answer to this question is Innovation.

Innovation is key to overcoming obstacles and difficulties tied to how dealerships compete for market space and customers. But more importantly, innovation means putting the customer first and at the centre of the experience. This is what differentiates successful market strategies from those that fail. By basing their efforts around the customer, they create opportunities that generate conversion and drive sales. Our virtual showroom is designed to facilitate that key instance, the moment in which a client chooses to make their purchase with your brand over that of your competition.

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