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Immerion Interactive  is dedicated to leveraging Extended Reality and cloud rendering technologies in fields such as Simulation, Automotive, Training and Architectural Visualization. Our mission is the creation of virtual worlds that can pave the way for future real experiences. When it comes to architecture, this means using best in class visualization technology to represent our client´s portfolios and offer users an accurate interactive experience of the home of their dreams.

Job Title:  Architectural Designer

Position Description
The Architectural Designer creates, refines and streamlines 3D virtual spaces in Unreal Engine from 2D floor plans or CAD files. This includes interior and exterior spaces and layouts.

Essential Job Functions include the following duties:

  • Manage CAD files and source material for its reproduction in 3D space.

  • Prepare detailed 3D environments, including textures, colours, lighting and materials.

  • Populate each environment with virtual assets in accordance with the reference material and original design.

  • Collaborate with project managers to refine design to meet clients needs while also ensuring that the product meets company standards.

  • Collaborate as needed with peers and teammembers.

  • Understanding of and adherence to Unreal Engine file naming conventions to ensure project overall structure.

Immerion philosophy:

  • Mindset for innovation and Agile frameworks fitness. Ability to work within scenarios of uncertainty.

  • Squad mentality. Instead of "I, Me or My", we advocate for "We, Together and Us"

  • Willingness to learn and adopt new skills related to your area of expertise.



  • CV with projects portfolio

  • Highly proficient in AutoCAD and ArchiCAD.

  • Experience with 3D Max, Maya or Revit.

  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4 and Datasmith.

  • Experience in Twin Motion

  • High level of organization and attention to detail.

  • Ability to quickly solve problems to keep projects on track.

  • Ability to share skills and knowledge with others.

  • Experience in 3D modelling software is a plus.

Work Location:
Remote work.


Application email:

Company's website:

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